Advantages | Features

  • All results in one place!
  • RaceManager simplifies all stages of preparing and running a competition.
  • Define competition type, date(s), distances etc.
  • Sprint, marathon, surfski, polo, SUP or others.*
  • Sprint races: Heat setup can be random or based on built-in ranking lists
  • Import and process data from various timing systems (ie. ALGE-timing/FinishLynx/SprintTimer).
  • Built-in stopwatch for easy timing.
  • Automatic drawings by progression keys or by time.
  • Visualize drawings for added control.
  • Semi-automatic setup of time schedule - a great time saver!
  • Online entries by teamleaders or individuals.
  • Teamleaders can edit entries close to competiton start thanks to the “Changes Window”, that opens as soon as the competition schedule is published. This can reduce the need for a team leaders meeting to the point that it is no longer necessary!
  • Results are published continuously to the public part of RaceManager.
  • Support for payment solutions
  • Multi-lingual - Translate RaceManager to your own language.
  • Download Results as CSV (Opens in Excel).
  • Continous backups.
  • Guaranteed server resources during periods of high traffic.

* Other competition types can be added.

We develop custom modules to make the platform meet your needs.

If you want to schedule a demo, or just want to know more about the RaceManager platform and pricing, please send an email to (The Norwegian Canoe Association)
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